Honest Chocolate: New store, classic style

They’ve been around for some time, selling neatly packaged chocolate at fresh goods markets, health shops and alternative food stores around the country. But since yesterday, Anthony and Michael finally sport their own shop in Cape Town, right where the first piece of Honest Chocolate was crafted.

Their story is much the same as that of any great invention. It started as an experiment, and when friends tasted these original, conveniently healthy treats, the company took off. You can now choose between delicate, tasty truffles, slabs and even chocolate spread, so everyone should find something to tickle their fancy while keeping their sweet tooth at bay.

And it’s rather aptly named too. Honest. Pure. Organic. Truly organic, not just claiming to be organic to push up the prices. The raw, unroasted cocoa beans are ethically sourced from Equador. And just to clarify, normal chocolate uses roasted cocoa that is full of sugar, which means that there is also no sugar in Honest Chocolate. Other (sometimes frowned upon) things you won’t find in them are diary, preservatives and artificial flavouring. This cocoa also contains higher levels of antioxidants, making them even more healthy. This is chocolate for the sake of chocolate, as pure as it gets.

Another rather impressive thing about these guys and their chocolates, is that they make each chocolate by hand, using traditional chocolate making methods. Classically old school. The slabs are then wrapped in eco-friendly paper, with designs from a few local artists, making then even more appealing to any health conscious, earth loving individual. They deserve to be called crafters, and not just another two chocolate makers.

The new store is at 66 Wale Street. It’s tiny and simple, but part of the historic Commune 1 building, giving it a lovely bay window and dark wooden floors and door frames. This building will only be open to the public as of 1 Septemberand really feels like a recently renovated building, which sure ads to the experience of tasting hand crafted chocolates.

It is not necessary to mention that these chocolates taste amazing too. They wouldn’t still be around if they didn’t. Truffles house either raw honey, mint or coffee, but it’s hard to beat the original. And the slabs and chocolate spread do a good job fulfilling their purposes too. This is not the place to do a chocolate review though, plus it is always better to taste the magic for oneself.

The Honest Chocolate shop is open on weekdays from 9am to 5pm and Saturdays from 10am to 2pm. If you live or work in the CBD, the shop is most probably within walking distance. Even though it’s squeezed in the middle of a buzzing city, you’ll feel like you stepped into an age-old chocolaterie. To read their entire story, visit their website or find them on Twitter.


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