Dinkel Bakery: Sweet, kind, yummy

Kloofnek Road is well known as the way to the Mountain, the way to the Beach or the way to Houtbay. It is less known as a street worthy of exploring. The top section especially is rather jam packed with quaint little places well worth the climb. That is, if (like me) you brave the hill on foot. Taking is a car is probably the smart way to do it.

Whichever way to find it, Dinkel Bakery is a pretty sweet reward. It’s at the bottom of a double-storey building, built in the times when shop keepers lived above their shops in simple rooms. Things have changed for Dinkel, and you will now find Timeless Toys on the top level. An interesting find in itself. Next door, however, is Monoko, where the owner actually lives above her vintage clothing store.Being German, Dinkel offers traditional German delicacies, but also enough other well known treats to satisfy any bakery lover. They’re also well supplied with everything needed to create that typical bakery feel: The mural of fresh bread, the glassed in display of available eats, a blackboard above serving as drinks menu and even a kind German lady making your coffee and creating your sandwich. It’s simple, you pick out your bread from the baskets and your toppings from the blackboard. Fresh, hearty and delicious.

Where cake is concerned, there’s the traditional German Apple Cake (not pie), Plumcake and Poppyseed Cake, but there’s also chocolate, carrot and cheese. And for pretzel fans, there’s quite the variety of those too. The portions are nice and chunky.

But, of course, there’s more to it than just food. The interior is pretty and mismatched, the tables have flowers on and the book case has a collection of South African and German books, free for browsing. It’s cosy and comfy. There’s also a display of different German kitchen accessories that are for sale. These are bright and fun and should make a dull kitchen a bit more lively. The courtyard outside is perfect for sunny afternoons. It’s not big, but it sure is a good place to have a giant cup of tea and a sandwich.

There really isn’t much more to say about Dinkel. It’s everything you’d want a cosy bakery to be. They do have ‘specialities’, as they call it, though on Fridays. You can get a coffee and a slice of cake for R25, for example. Check out their website for more info. On here you can also view individual prices for breads and pretzels, just in case you wanted to check before you head off. Dinkel Bakery is at 91 Kloofnek Road.


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