Haas Coffee & Haas Collective

These two shouldn’t, and can’t, be separated. They go together too well. Coffee, cake and deliciousness on the one side and art, design and craft on the other. And together with the surroundings, this is a place worth visiting at least once, but more than once to fully take it in. Situated at number 67 Rose Street, the main road of interest in the colourful Bo-Kaap, Haas Collective started it all in 2010 with Haas Coffee and Haas Communications joining earlier this year.

Haas Coffee reaped instant fame for selling the Kopi Luwak coffee beans. These have a rather interesting and special origin in Indonesia. They are very rare and very expensive and if you’re a true coffee enthusiast, these might well tickle your fancy. If you’re just in the mood for a good cuppa though, they have these too, served in unique porcelain cups and mugs with tiny, black and white designs. Haas Coffee also sells a wide range of rare and exotic coffee blends and beans, if you feel like treating yourself or buying that friend of yours who drinks six cups a day something they haven’t tried. A recently released blend is even dedicated to the kitsch art of Vladimir Tretchikoff and is aptly named, Tretchikoffie.

Where food is concerned, both the sweet tooth and the hungry stomach can be satisfied here with pastries, cakes and cupcakes exhibited all over the counter. The menu itself is small since they decided not to list the coffee’s. But if you’re a coffee drinker you probably don’t need the menu in anyway. On the lunch menu you’ll find a short list of dishes that suit the sunny atmosphere perfectly. That is, if the sun is shining, which it should start doing on a more regular basis around this time.

The interior certainly boosts the quirky atmosphere. Inside, a chic, two seater couch with high back, wooden frame and eccentric design is contrasted against plain wooden stools to create a very unique look. The majority of the tables and chairs are outside though, dotted all along the sidewalk, and contributing the building’s distinct appearance. Choose between chairs or a comfy looking corner couch built into the outside wall. Unlike most of the buildings in the area that are painted bright, cheerful colours, the Haas corner shop is a dark charcoal-brown. And with the bright white sign high above the street, it certainly is difficult to miss.

Haas Collective is a sensory overload of interesting objects and art works. It’s quite a challenge to just browse through the items in a few minutes, especially id you’re artistically minded. Some of these pieces are once off designs and some you’ll recognise from the shelves of The Fringe Arts or stalls at the Neighbourgoods Market. There is not nearly enough space here to even start mentioning individual artists, but do know that the top of the creative Cape Town community’s work are exhibited here. On the website you can view a breakdown of the artists exhibited, but the best way is just to go over there and explore for yourself.

One aspect of Haas Coffee that I am particularly fond of, is their takeaway cup labels. These are even special enough to be displayed on the website. Haas Coffee is open weekdays from 7am to 5pm and weekends and public holidays from 8am to 3pm. Check out their Twitter account for updates on regular weekend community markets held here. Haas is much more than the world’s most expensive coffee. Go have a trusty flat white or cappuccino, or just hang out in this inviting little shop.


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