Yourstruly: Coffee, Art, Sandwich

One day during my student internship at New Media Publishing I was scrambling up Long Street, rushing my legs off to get to the UCT campus in Orange Street in order to catch the bus in time for my afternoon class. Naturally, I skipped lunch that day to finish every kind of intern duty before leaving early. It’s safe to say that my stomach wasn’t happy with me. I stumbled into the closest place that looked to have a decent sandwich. What I got, was a brilliantly fresh one with basil, tomato and mozzarella. (Yes, I still remember it perfectly even though all this happened in March.) Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised.

This was my first encounter with Yourstruly and I was determined to go back there and actually spend some time taking in the surroundings. At 175 Long, right in the centre of the buzz, it’s the perfect street side stop. There is no other place like it, yet it fits in perfectly with its surroundings. There’s the service counter with its black canopy, the high counter with bar stools that lets you watch the staff prepare coffees and food and there’s the pot plants and scattered table and chairs. This is only the side walk part.

One rather unmissable feature is the glass outside. It has big, white-lettered sentences that continue inside on the entire side wall. They’re bold and probably makes for one of the coolest walls in Cape Town.

On the inside, the front part of Yourstruly is quick lunch-time stop, with the glass case showing off fresh ingredients, the baskets of bread choices against the wall and the black board with the options and favourites. A coffee machine rounds it off. There’s also the bar counter seating coming out from the wall with the high stools for quick sit down.

But walking through this part, you get to the chill area. This part is a place to relax and admire some local art with comfy couches and a long, dark wood table. There’s also the dark book case reaching to the roof with some international magazines on sale. The art changes all the time and everything is for sale. At the moment there’s work from Rico Swanepoel, Raoul Goetze and Manuela Grey, three local tattoo artists. The pieces made from used skateboards are pretty epic, especially the lazar engraved sugarskulls.

What more is there to want? There’s coffee, there’s food and there’s art. There’s a great sunny vibe and a choice between making a pitstop and sitting back for a read. Their website is down at the moment, but check back soon for the link. In the meantime, head on down to 175 Long and see for yourself.


3 thoughts on “Yourstruly: Coffee, Art, Sandwich

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