Jason Bakery: Morning pitstop to the max

Part of living or working in Cape Town is familiarising yourself with the many different coffee shops, deli’s and cozy corner spots around town. There are two ways of appreciating this sidewalk culture: Either you take the explorer approach and try to have coffee and a sandwich at every one of these or you have you favourite spot (or closest spot) where you find yourself stopping regularly for that specific cupcake, that cappuccino that no one else seems to get right or a morning read of the daily newspaper. It’s clear the Jason Bakery satisfies both these coffee shop connoisseurs as it’s a signature bakery in the centre of town.

Come sunshine or showers, there’ll be a crowd gathered at the takeaway hatch every working day morning. It’s hard to pinpoint wether these coffee craving, hungry individuals are passing there on their way to work or whether they go out of their way to make a pitstop for a latte and a croissant, but I’m definitely leaning toward the latter. Especially seeing as Jason Lilley’s bacon croissants are a well known and well craved commodity among city folk.

Situated high up in Bree street, in a corner building that’s sure to have been around for some time, this bakery has got everything a buzzing city requires: The hatch, the freshness and the broad sidewalk. They work together perfectly too; the freshness of baked goods and brewed coffee wafts through the hatch and onto the nice broad sidewalk where crowds flock toward it. Merely walking past there in the morning without buying anything creates a happy, contented feeling that only a busy corner bakery can bring.

But it’s not only about the delicious takeaways, Jason Bakery also has seating and waiters, allowing you to have a nice sit-down. The seats outside are great if you enjoy watching the city go by and the distinctively Skinny Laminx cushions give a bit of extra character. Inside offers a more quiet environment, with warm lighting and rustic wooden beams for flooring. Even the walls are wooden and the weaved light fixtures make for a comfy indoor setting. Newspapers will keep you up to date with life on the outside.

The menu also offers much more than takeaway sandwiches and pastries, although the hatch-sandwiches are more than perfect too. The meals on the sit-down menu are a bit more complicated and, without going into too much food detail, there’s enough to satisfy the more adventurous eater who likes trying new things but there’s also many trusty dishes that make disappointment impossible. And there’s beer too. Craft beer to be exact and also a lovely range of bubblies. This surely makes the Jason slogan true: Beer, Bread, Bubbles. Simple and true.

Jason Bakery specialises in breakfast pitstops and lunch. I made the mistake of wanting an afternoon cup of tea there once and a friendly blackboard by the door informed me that they’ve been closed since 15.30. But go in the morning, this place is made for it. Because then the freshness bounce off the walls and the vibe is exactly what a vibrant city like Cape Town requires.

Jason Bakery is at number 185 Bree Street and has Facebook and Twitter. Now got there.


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