Seattle Coffee Co.: The trusted one

This was the first coffee store I ever went to on my own and it suited as my rescue in a couple of shopping malls around Cape Town. It was the only spot where I found a bit of peace and quiet to take a break from the horrible task of shopping. It was also my lunchtime saviour while waitressing in a chaotic restaurant in a chaotic shopping mall during Christmas time, the most chaotic of all. Seattle Coffee Company is probably the place where my slight addiction to taking my book out for coffee (and tea) to all kinds of different vibey stores began. It’s such a classic, and here’s my reasoning why.

1)    The colours, or rather, colour. The navy blue just creates a feeling of calm and reliability in a city filled with bright and colourful billboards and signage. The Seattle Coffee Co.’s logo also reminds of Frasier, maybe because they’re both Seattle buildings. Either way, the navy and white has been around for some time and I like it.

2)    The mugs. Because of their, and their handles’, size. I find it nice when all my fingers can fit through the ear, otherwise I don’t know what to do with the rest. Nothing beats a good, solid mug. And they’re navy blue too.

3)    The couches. No matter which branch you go to, the dark brown leather couches and chairs look as if they’ve been used for years. It increases the feeling that Seattle Coffee Co. has been around for a long time and it makes you want to sit around for longer.

4)    You never get the feeling that it’s time to leave. You buy everything at the service counter and pick it up yourself, meaning no waiters asking you if you’re okay or taking away your mug before you’ve had the last sip of foam. And even when all the tables are full, you’ll hardly ever get the feeling that you need to leave to make space for someone else.

5)    There aren’t that many. In Cape Town specifically, there are only four proper sit-down branches. The one in Cavendish and Canal Walk are linked to the Exclusive Books, giving it even more of a relaxed and new-book-smell-feel. These are perfect for others like me, who need to take a break halfway through shopping in order to regain sanity.

The one in Loop Street is my favourite at the moment. It’s so far down that you don’t walk by it when doing the normal CBD strolls and window-shopping. It’s at number 4, right at the bottom. It’s on a corner and the walls are made out of glass. It’s also quiet. In the peak of lunchtime you’ll still easily find a spot.

6)    The coffee. But that’s a given

Seattle Coffee Co. is one of those places that become a regular pitstop. They don’t advertise and they don’t even have a website. You can find them on Facebook though. They don’t need much advertising, because the brand is so established.

Seattle Coffee Co. deserves to be collected as it’s my trusted one. It’s what I like a coffee shop to be like.


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