Myög: Perfect end to a warm day

It’s a well-known fact that Kloof Street is quite the hotspot for dinner. Just ask anyone who’s ever tried to find parking around these parts between 20:00 and 23:00. Impossible, every night of the week. Because on every corner there’s a different place to eat, with a different vibe, different food and a different price range. It’s pretty much the perfect place to go wandering around on a warm Summer’s night if you can’t quite figure out what you’re in the mood for.

Now it’s true that all these places offer dessert, but I’ve found that after eating a delicious meal, it’s sometimes necessary to take a bit of a walk before having something sweet. And usually that kind of something sweet wouldn’t involve tart, cake or creamy ice cream.

Which brings me to today’s collectable: Myög.

Situated at number 103 Kloof, it is right in between all the evening cuisine happiness. And with frozen yoghurt and fruity goodness as the base for most of the treats, it can very well be the perfect way to end off a quiet evening out in Kloof Street. Or an afternoon  for that matter.

Walking by in the street at any time of day, this shop is sure to catch your eye. With grass floors and counter tops, white seats, white walls and everything else done in pink and green, this little corner store just looks like an all round happy place to be in. Outside on the sidewalk the seats look like those old school fold-out benches and the building still has its classic charm from when it was built way back when.

Once you’re inside, you can have frozen yoghurt. There is plain and there is chocolate. Don’t let the lack of choice get you down though, because they’re both really tasty and you have a magnitude of topping choices at your disposal. Apart from all the chocolaty, sugary goodness  you’ll find at other ice cream and frozen yoghurt joints, Myög also sports a wide range of fruity toppings. From tiny watermelon balls to pieces of fresh mango, kiwi and melon, these are truly the perfect addition to a late afternoon or evening cool-me-down.

You don’t have to have a bowl of frozen yoghurt though. Myög also has smoothies, parfait, fruit salad and milkshakes. Choose your two fruity flavours for your smoothy and they add frozen yoghurt and orange juice – giving you freedom to pretend you’re 12 again and mixing together all kinds of cooldrinks.

Myög is open from morning until after-dinner-time, creating a great alternative to dessert at a restaurant, especially when it’s nice and warm outside and you’re looking for a reason to wander around the street a little more before heading back home to a stuffy apartment.


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