Sea Point Promenade: City, ocean, meet

Sea Point, the only suburb in the whole of Cape Town that is set beside the ocean. Built on the very edge, this rather dense area sometimes feels like it wants to tip over and crash right into the water. Which means that a walk along Sea Point Promenade is a pretty nifty venture, all wedged between the crashing waves and the towering buildings.

The Promenade is such a well-known, well-used walkway, yet too seldom acknowledged for being what it is. Hence, a worthy addition to the collection.

Sea Point managed to transcend its previous reputation for being crime-ridden and unkept, and the promenade is no longer a dodgy, frowned-upon place to take your dog for a walk anymore. Not in daylight, that is.

Stretching the entire length of Sea Point’s coastline, The Promenade is paved and broad and traces a precise line between the water and the land. If you’re not careful, you might even end up under the shower of a crashing wave during high tide.

It’s a general jogging and walking hotspot and people of all shapes, ages, sizes and colour come here to exercise, to wake up, to unwind, to bring the dog for a walk or to take the baby and stroller for a, well, stroll. It’s not only a place to keep healthy, but a meeting place for a range of different cultures, proving just how diverse this city really is.

It’s an ideal way to get away from the bustling city without breaking away too much. For people who live, work and play in between the skyscrapers it’s  a necessity to at least take  a walk along the ocean at some stage, even if it’s in your suit and tie. And since Green Point Park opened, the CBD has easy access. Just a quick walk through the park, in at the East Gate, out at the West, and you’re basically there.

It’s a place for children, but with a hint of nostalgia. With a 1970s styled putt-putt course, many ice cream vendors and an ox wagon as focal point in a playground, it’s hard not to indulge. Also notice the art along The Promenade, telling the sweet tale of a girl and a dragonfly.

So what’s not to love? Between the promenade and Green Point Park, we really are spoilt with proximity between the inside of our buildings and the beautiful outdoors.


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