Hawks and Hound: Crepes, lovely crepes (and beer)

This sweet lil’ spot has been open since the beginning of the year, and even though it’s been a while, it’s necessary to add Hawks and Hounds to Cape Town Collectables. It’s one of those truly unique places and one of the reasons why this blog came in existence. You won’t find another one anywhere else in the country.

Started by the same folks who got Yours Truly off the ground so flawlessly, Hawks and Hounds has the same creative, inner city feel, but looks completely different. Also, they spacialise in crepes. Warm, fresh crepes.

Perfectly situated in Long Street, just up from Royal, Hawks and Hounds walks out onto the sidewalk like any true Long Street spot should. Inside is small and cosy, with many old pictures in miss matched frames giving the place character.

On the drinks menu is a range of beers, wines and juices, making it a great place to pop in for a few too, or giving you something other than coffee to accompany your crepe with. Incidentally, I think beer and crepes could go rather well together.

Then, of course, there’s the wide range of fillings. Everything from ham and cheese to Nutella and banana, with a Mexican option thrown in between. Of course, they have sandwiches too, so don’t despair if you’re not in the mood. The crepes are packaged for those on the go, in cardboard cones to make it easy for mid-walk consumption.

Hawks and Hounds is definitely one of my favourite winter spots in Cape Town, maybe because pancakes and rain go together, maybe because you can watch the grey streets from the comfort of the bar stools, or maybe just because the crepes are good and it happens to be winter right now.

Either way, this is definitely a worthy edition to the collection. Hawks and Hounds, 263 Long Street.

Hawks and Hounds

Hawks and Hounds

Hawks and Hounds

Hawks and Hounds

Hawks and Hounds

Hawks and Hounds


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