Ou Meul bakkery: Riviersonderend’s famous pies

Even my mom remembers these pies. Associated with road trips along the N2 highway, the homemade pies sold in one particular store in Riviersonderend hold happy holiday memories for many. And it seems as if these pies have finally decided to come to town.

Ou Meul bakkery is situated almost at the bottom of Long Street and creates a welcoming place to relax in an area where few nice places are found. And don’t worry, they don’t only serve pies. Apart from the rather elaborate pie range, you’ll also find sweet treats like croissants and pastries and even a trusty pink rice crispy cookie or two. There’s also ready-to-eat sandwhiches on anything from sourdough to health bread and a variety of salads and drinks for on-the-go lunches.

But you don’t really just want to walk in and out again. It’s just such a nice place to sit down at. On the green couch, at a large table or at one of my personal favourites – the high window seats. The tables and chairs are specially crafted and boast the rustic Ou Meul logo engraved in the wood. The people are friendly, the coffee is great and you instantly feel welcome when you walk through the door. It’s also quite a treat sitting down with a cup of coffee and some lunch while the downtown buildings tower out of sight.

On the menu, you’ll find a range of sandwiches, breakfasts and all kinds of deliciousness. The sourdough mozzarella, basil pesto and tomato is a classic in my eyes and, although I tried really hard to save the one half for later, I just couldn’t resist.

So whenever you find yourself in downtown Cape Town and in need of a place to escape the suits, here’s you answer.

Ou Meul

Ou Meul

Ou Meul

Ou Meul

Ou Meul

Ou Meul

Ou Meul  Ou Meul

Ou Meul

Monday – Friday 06:30 – 18:00
Saturday 07:00 – 14:00
Sunday closed
021 419 0662

Ou Meul


One thought on “Ou Meul bakkery: Riviersonderend’s famous pies

  1. Hi, Ou Meul Rviersonderend
    Ek wil net onder julle aandag bring dat ons Woensdagoggend 5/12/12 klein sausage rolls daar gekoop het wat die vleis inhoud seker 2gram was en die deeg die res-pateties.Volgende stuur asb. julle adres vir ons-sodat ek die beskuit wat gekoop is kan terug pos vir n honger hond in die dorp–mense kan dit nie eet nie.

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