Off to discover Bruges!

On Monday I’m setting off on a very exciting holiday. I’ll be visiting friends in Dubai and Paris and exploring Belgium on a solo adventure for a few days. My main focus is going to be Bruges and I can’t wait to spend hours strolling around the streets and taking photos of all the interesting little spots that I discover along the way.

I’m someone that tends to avoid guide books and ‘must-sees’, so I haven’t done much research for my trip. Actually, I haven’t done anything at all. I figured I’ll just walk around aimlessly and happen upon the places I happen upon.

Until I started reading.

There are so many articles, blogs and guides about what to see and do in Bruges. Makes sense, considering it’s one of Belgium’s most popular towns. Suddenly I felt scared that I’ll miss out on the most amazing waffle or corner café, so I resorted to reading some other blogs about Bruges, just in case.

Go Backpacking made up a nifty top 5 of interesting museums worth visiting in Bruges and I can definitely see myself going to the Friet Museum to learn all about the true origin of fries (and also because this is the only museum dedicated to fries in the entire world). Off course, one can’t visit Belgium without over indulging in chocolate, so the Choco-Story Museum is high on my list as well.

Read Go Backpacking’s top 5 must-visit museums here.

bruges markt

*Photo courtesy of Pommie Travels.

A photo blog about Bruges on Pommie Travels reminded me why I’m not visiting this tourist crazy town in the European summer. Just seeing how full the boats on the canal are and how many people swarm the streets, I’m glad I’ll be there when it’s raining. Still, this photo blog has some great on-the-streets type of shots, especially the one of the dog sleeping in the window sill. I truly won’t mind cruising along, spotting what the photographer spotted for myself.

Check out Beautiful Bruges in photos here.

bruges in winter

*Photo courtesy of The Never Ending Voyage.

A story on The Never Ending Voyage really got me amped. The author, Erin, also travelled while it was raining and she explains how the grey and wet weather made the beautiful, medieval buildings feel even more gothic and mysterious. Seems like The Chocolate Line is the best place to stop if you’re keen on a few wild chocolate flavours, like wasabi and bacon. Can’t say that I can imagine enjoying these, but I’ll definitely give them a try.

Check out the full post (with a nice recommendation for Indian food) on The Never Ending Voyage here.

bruges waffle

*Photo courtesy of Landlopers.

Now I knew that I’ll eat many, many waffles in Belgium. This is probably what I’ve been showing off most about with my friends, but I never knew that you get two types. Thanks to Matt from Landlopers I now know that you get Brussels waffles and Liege waffles and that they have different shapes and batters. Now I’m even more excited about stuffing my face with these sweet, warm goodies.

Read more about Matt’s waffle love in Belgium here.

I’ve been wondering if I’ll spend my evenings wandering around until I’m hungry and then popping into whichever restaurant seems nice (and affordable), but a post on The Art of Slow Travel convinced me to try out De Bottelier in St Jakobsstraat. Apparently it’s made up of several levels and decorated with some interesting artifacts. Then of course, there’s a lot of beer to be tasted. Café Vlissinghe on Blekersstraat has been in business since 1515, so it seems like I’ll definitely make a mission to this particular watering hole too.

Read The Best of Bruges in full here.

bruges side street

*Photo courtesy of Ott’s World.

According to Ott’s World, the whole of Bruges’s town centre is flooded with tourists and it feels slightly devoid of local culture. She decided to walk away from the crowds and explore the surroundings further away from the hustle. Seems like everything relaxes and unwinds once you step out of the historic centre, so perhaps I’ll take a day to experience this same peaceful atmosphere on the outskirts of town.

Read Finding the real Brugge here.

And that’ about the sum total of my research. My only other objective is to never eat or drink at the same place twice.


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