Eating the world at The Cheese Cake Factory

In Dubai you’re able to eat at all the world’s most famous restaurants. They have chains for everything from Nando’s to TGI Fridays and they’re quite proud of the fact that they brought the world to the middle of the desert. A great example of this is The Cheese Cake Factory. This is a popular American restaurant and also the place where Penny works in Big Bang Theory.

Whether you like cheese cake or not, you’ll definitely find something to please your taste here. Expect anything from Caramel Peacan, Snickers Bar and Oreo to Mango, White Chocolate Rasberry and  Fresh Banana.

It’s a pretty popular place for the locals to hang out, not only for the cheese cake but also the food. Once again, the variety is incredible. Just to give you an idea, the noodles and rice dishes are very close to the pizzaa-pasta section which is just a page or two from the Mexican food. Everything I tasted was really good and the food is very flavoursome – pretty impressive actually.

And for the last bit of extravagance, The Cheese Cake Factory is in Dubai Mall, just the biggest shopping mall in the world. It’s all about biggest, tallest and widest variety in Dubai.

dubai mall

dubai mall

cheese cake factory

cheese cake factory

dubai mall

dubai mall dubai mall

cheese cake factory

dubai mall


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