Things I eat part three – Paris

In Paris I happened to eat food that wasn’t necessarily typically French. But it was still pretty darn good. My friends have been staying there for a few months and they’ve either heard of, or visited, places that are either full of character and charm or places that serve delicious meals at an affordable price. I quickly had to get used to the idea that an affordable meal in Paris is around 10 Euro, but after that is was smooth sailing.

My first restaurant meal in Paris happened to be Cambodian. We went to Le Petit Cambodge and I loved the Bubon. It’s a hot and cold salad with everything from carrots and coleslaw to glass noodles, beef and nuts. Super yummy and very nutritious, compared to the things I’ve been eating the last week or so. A great find.

paris france

That evening, we went scouring for a vibrant little tea room in Le Marais district. It’s called Le noir dans le Therier and it’s a cosy spot where people seem to sit for hours, finishing up a pot of tea while tucking into a slice of cake. The range of teas are endless, but I can say with confidence that the Darjeeling was pretty memorable. The chocolate tart speaks for itself.

paris france

The next day I couldn’t help but stop at one of the tuck shop type of stores you find at almost every metro station. Coffee with milk was at the order of the day and I learnt that coffees here are much smaller (and stronger) that what I’m used to back home. I like that you always get a sweet or a cookie with your coffee.

paris france


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