Things I eat part four – Paris

My trip to Paris really involved some delicious meals. My friends knew just where to go to find a meal that’s under 10 Euro but tasty at the same time. And although I’m usually someone who just walks into any place if it looks like it has a nice vibe to it, I’m glad we went on these little missions to find good food. It makes the meal more satisfying somehow.

First, there was Bob’s Kitchen, a cosy little spot where you can tuck into fresh, healthy and delicious food and freshly squeezed juices. We all had the veggie stew with roast veg, something that looked like barley, hummus, sesame seeds and other delicious things I can’t remember. This is a small stew (totally big enough for lunch) and it cost only 5.50 Euro. Even the New Yorkers working for Elle Magazine loved it. Check out their review here.

Next up was Paris’s Grande Mosque. Now I know I can see a mosque every day of the week – there are about three that are walking distance from my apartment – but this mosque is known for it’s cute little café and restaurant on the side. If you drink tea, you sit outside under the trees and watch the little birds flutter around. The mint tea is sweet, warm and yummy and the range of sweet treats is ridiculous. We didn’t know the name of any of it (and I still don’t) so here’s a picture. They were all pretty darn good.

And lastly, a baguette. You can’t go to paris and not have a baguette. This particular baguette was purchased in Montmartre. Paris hosts a very competitive baguette competition every year and the winning baguette gets served to the president at breakfast every morning. It’s quite a prestigious and sought after title. We picked out the 2011 winner, and although this particular sandwich is not the winning recipe, we bought a plain winner baguette too. Pretty good!


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