Sometimes stop-overs deserve a mention too

We all know about stopovers. They’re always affordable and they’re always as close to the middle between two destinations as possible. It’s also usually the only reason for staying at that specific place. But sometimes the stopovers become part of the journey. Like in the case of Dijembe Backpackers. We only stayed for a night to break up the 1000km from Cape Town to Coffee Bay, but for many, this is a destination in itself. And rightly so.

Dijembe is situated in the quiet Storms River Village along the beautiful Garden Route. It’s very relaxed, with big lawns, lots of shaded camping and some dorm rooms. We enjoyed an incredible meal of fried fish, salads, potatoes and all kinds of deliciousness for only R55 and had lots of laughs in the jacuzzi on the roof. In the end, our stopover night turned into one of the most memorable nights of the vacation.

Dijembe Backpackers

Tsitsikamma National Park

The swing bridge at Tsitsikamma National Park, only a few kilometers from Storms River Village.

Storms River Village

Late afternoon chill-out sessions

Day one of a great adventure

Day one of a great adventure


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