When the wind dies down in Cape Town

When the wind decides to blow in Cape Town, there’s no stopping it. It’s everywhere, it’s strong and it’s unavoidable. It can spoil the most beautiful summer’s day and it makes you stay behind double locked the doors and avoid the streets. But then, some evenings, the wind dies down and Cape Town presents you with the most amazing evening. It’s still warm out, it’s quiet and if you have a balcony or garden, it’s compulsory to sit outside and just breath in the calmness. I love many things about Cape Town and many of them are hard to put in a few words, but if there’s one great thing about this city that I can pinpoint, then it’s those wind still, warm nights in summer when you don’t even consider putting on jeans or jackets.

warm night in cape town

Incidentally, my balcony is devoid of a light, so here’s an unashamed plug for Consol, the most awesome and effective solar lights around.


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