Arnold’s in Kloof – breakfast of champions

Arnold’s in Kloof – probably the best known, most recommended breakfast spot in town. It’s definitely one of my favourites and a place that I associate with early morning bacon and eggs. Their early bird special – R14 for bacon, eggs, toast, 2 sausages and tomato – is a winner. And even though you need to order before 07:00 to get it, it’s still as popular as hell. Well, in summer that is. I love that the waiter literally only asks ‘Coffee?’ and ‘How do you want your eggs?’.

You always feel welcome here, the waiters look like they actually want to be here and not just making rent and the hostess happily greets you, even if you’re just walking by in the street. Here’s a typical morning at Arnold’s.


60 Kloof Street
021 4244344

Mon-Sun: 06:45 to late (08:00 Sat & Sun). Outside dining till 10pm


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