Peeping mountains | 06

One of the great things about living in Cape Town is that, when you go travelling, you always have a great place to return to. It’s never bad coming home to Cape Town. As soon as you spot Table Mountain you stop being sad about ending your holiday or weekend away and you rest contently knowing that home isn’t all that bad. There’s really nothing bad about it.

On a recent road trip to a little town north of Cape Town, we had the privilege of spotting the mountain peeping out long before we thought we would. This is a notoriously straight road, so we had a clear view of the mountain for at least 60km before we reached it. And reaching Table Mountain means reaching home.

Table Mountain 

Table Mountain


2 thoughts on “Peeping mountains | 06

  1. The N7 is a beautiful drive! Heading north and outbound, I had no idea the view that would be waiting for me on the drive home. I couldn’t decide whether to drive faster or to slow down – so I just turned up the music and had a good cry, and gave thanks for our beautiful Home town.

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