The importance of light – RAMfest 2013

I’m a big fan of festivals, live music festivals that is. The ones where you camp all weekend without showering and watch some awesome bands back to back, drinking in the great atmosphere, soaking up loads of sun and indulging in greasy festival food. That kind of festival is the best kind of festival.

This summer’s season is drawing to a sad close, but for me it went out swinging with RAMfest – always one of my favourites on the festival calendar. I love it because the people are really chilled, devoid of pretence and copious amounts of make-up and generally happy to be there. Just read my review on MyLiveMusic to see what I mean.

I also (really) love the music, but that’s not what this blog is about.

This blog is about the importance of light. Since festivals have the tendency of being located somewhere remote on a massive spread of land, these wide open spaces tend to get rather dark. You’ll know what I’m talking about if you’ve fallen over a tent pen on your way back to camp as many times as I have.

So I thought I’d make a little photographic study of light at RAMfest 2013. Incidentally, they really paid special attention to their lighting this year, not only at the stages, but also as you make your way around the forested campsite. Small lights lead the way instead of the usual solitary flood lights that blind you and end up doing more damage than good.


So sit back and enjoy a few light-centered photos from my weekend at RAMfest.

Ramfest 2013-2

Ramfest 2013-3-2

Ramfest 2013-4-2

Ramfest 2013-5-2

Ramfest 2013-5

Ramfest 2013-6-2

Ramfest 2013-6

Ramfest 2013-7

Ramfest 2013-8

Ramfest 2013-9

Ramfest 2013-10

Ramfest 2013-11

Ramfest 2013


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