Awesome Saturday activity in Cape Town – play board games


Now that the weather in Cape Town is slowly and sporadically (as Cape Tow weather does) turning cooler and the rainy days are jumping on us at least once a week, I find myself in the mood to play board games. Now don’t think that this necessarily implies Scrabble and Monopoly, although those are sure classics, because there’s a whole world of  new and fascinating board games out there to discover.

Take Ticket to Ride, my favourite at the moment. It’s great for anyone remotely interested in travel. The Europe game, for example, let’s the person who’ve visited the most European countries play first. Your object is to build train tracks between different European cities according to the tickets that you draw at the start of the game. The cities are written in their native language and it’s great to get the feel of travel while playing a board game. Everything about the game is beautiful, from the tickets’ design to the map on which you play.

Although board games are traditionally played in living rooms, I joined in a public game day, held at Fanaticus Hobbies and Games in Durbanville. The vibe is relaxed, there’s bottomless (free) coffee and tea, snacks for sale, comfy couches and huge tables where you can just come in and play your games. If you don’t have any or you’re keen to try some of the new stuff out there, just show up and play one of the many demo games. There’s more than enough clued up folks around who’ll be happy to explain the rules or let you join in one of their games.

Also, conveniently, International TableTop Day is happening on 30 March. On this day, anyone, anywhere in the world is encouraged to play some board games, anywhere they want to. It could be an official event registered on the website or a just a few friends getting together to fight some zombies. Read more about it on the Getaway Magazine Blog.

This winter is going to be  a winter of board games and red wine, thank you very much.

ticket to ride

ticket to ride 

Fanaticus Hobbies and Games

Highstreet Shopping Village, Durbanville

Facebook page


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