Photos: How we celebrated Earth Hour in Cape Town

Earth Hour is probably the best excuse you get to organise a picnic in your backyard. And a picnic sans electricity gave my Consol solar jars a chance to work their awesome magic. Putting them out in the sun the day before was pretty much the only trouble it took to make a little event out of Earth Hour.

No one asked you to make a big event out of it, all that mattered was that your switched off your lights.

Earth Hour 2013-5

Earth Hour 2013-2

Sadly though, it didn’t seem like much of the suburbians cared to join in. I can understand the street lights staying on, but even the Easter cross on the hill in my neighbourhood stayed on.

Earth Hour 2013-7

Earth Hour 2013-8

Earth Hour 2013-9

It didn’t stop us from enjoying our little picnic though.

Earth Hour 2013-10

Earth Hour 2013-11

Earth Hour 2013

Earth Hour 2013-4

Even the cat enjoyed the unexpected nocturnal company.

Earth Hour 2013-12


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