New restaurant in Cape Town – Kloof Street House

Kloof Street recently became a restaurant richer. It’s called Kloof Street House and is situated where the old Opal Lounge used to be. This is a great place if you’re looking for some afternoon drinks or a nice dinner. The huge tables make it great for big groups of friends while the smaller ones beside the bay windows make it great for a date night. The decor makes it feel like you’re dining in a very rich person’s house, with some interesting portraits, chandeliers, lots of mismatched cushions and dark wood tables.

Made me wonder if it actually is a house of a former rich Cape Tonian from back in the day. The place is divided up into rooms, with a separate library area that has quite a bit of character and that’s perfect for red wine and conversation. My favourite part of the interior is the bar, with the old suitcases stacked beneath.

The food is great, a little expensive for a student dinner, but perfectly affordable for a nice night out. I really enjoyed the roast pumpkin and gorgonzola salad (R65), but the mint pees that accompany the beer battered fish (R85) also looked fantastic. Another recommended dish is the Blade of Beef served on top of parsley risotto (R125).

Kloof Street House-5

Kloof Street House-2

Kloof Street House-3

Kloof Street House-4

Kloof Street House-7

Kloof Street House-8

Kloof Street House-9

Kloof Street House-10

Kloof Street House-12

Kloof Street House-13

Kloof Street House


Kloof Street House

30 Kloof Street
021 423 4413


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