Peeping mountains | 14

Deer Park, entrance up in Vredehoek, is an awesome place for an afternoon stroll or a bit of weekend fresh air. When you’re up here you can either wander around up the stream or explore the wooden walkways. Kids love it, dogs love it, families love it, couples love it. All in all an awesome place. This is one of the views of the mountain through the trees. It was cloudy, creating quite a sinister vibe.

peeping mountain

Directions to Deer Park (because I never knew how to get there)

  • Drive up past Woodlands Eatery in Deer Park Ave. (Woodlands on your right)
  • Continue on till you’re almost at the top
  • Turn right in Frank St
  • Turn left in what looks like the oncoming side of Deer Park Ave (it’s not though)
  • Drive through the booms and up to the parking lot

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