Gourmet boerie – SA’s first fancy boerewors roll

The Boerie  – a well known, much loved part of being a South African. Few meat eaters will deny the delight brought on by a grilled piece of boerewors (for the foreigners: it’s a spicy, flavoursome sausage best prepared on a barbecue or braai) slapped on a roll and smothered either in the classic Mrs Balls chutney or a good dash of All Gold tomato sauce. These are best served in-hand with a cold one in the other.

Now we’ve had boerewors roll stands at the side of the road (and outside late-night clubs) for ages, supplying cheap boeries like we know and love them. Gourmet Boerie just added the ‘gourmet’ to it and turned it into a hip and happy restaurant at the bottom (and busiest) end of Kloof Steet. This here is a classy boerie spot, complete with a variety of Craft Beers and cool people. What’s also great is that you don’t have to question the content of that sausage.

gourmet boerie

The menu offers a myriad of topping options. For example: Gorgonzola sauce, poached pears and caramalised pecan nuts; tomato salsa, guacamole, jalapeno chilies and sour cream; goat’s cheese, roast cherry tomatoes, basil pesto and rocket. You get the idea. There are also the more traditional options, like the Chakalaka Boerie and a simple, ‘Old Skool’ Boerie. But don’t think that it’s as simple as choosing one. You also have to bear in mind which topping combination will go best with your choice of bread and ‘wors’. Yes, you have even more choice. There’s traditional, lamb, chicken, beef and ostrich sausage and then there’s white, wholewheat and rye rolls to choose from.

Seeing as this proved too big a challenge for me and my friends, we decided to order four and split them up so we can taste as much boerie as possible. And my favourite, by far, was The Hangover Boerie (bacon, caramalised pineapple, avocado and cheese sauce). I also really enjoyed the Chakalaka Boerie – and not just because it’s a fun word to type.

gourmet boerie-9

Then we get to the fries. And all I have to say about them is that they are perfect. Fresh, thin, crispy and delicious. It’s worth just ordering a big bowl of fries (only R15) and munching on them if you’re not hungry enough for more.

gourmet boerie-10

Gourmet Boerie has a great vibe, with lots of people just popping over for drinks and hanging out with friends on the street corner. The tables are long and wide, making big birthday bookings and socialising with your neighbours easy. Prices are great too. Between R40 and R55 for a boerie and a portion of chips. So it really is worth starting (or ending) your Friday night here. There’s also free wifi if you’re keen for a lunchtime boerie with your laptop.

gourmet boerie-3

Gourmet Boerie

8 Kloof Street, Gardens. At this bottom end where Long and Kloof meet.
Monday – Saturday 12:00 – 10:30

gourmet boerie-6

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