Deer Park – all in one forest and park

I always knew there was a place called Deer Park, but I always thought it was the tiny little playground next to Woodland’s Eatery at the bottom end of Deer Park Ave. Luckily, my facts took an unexpected turn for the awesome when someone finally gave me directions to the real Deer Park, the one at the top of what you would think is a one-way down, but isn’t.

Deer Park has trees, rad wooden walkways, lots of soft green grass, a pond where the dogs can cool off and even a place to hike. Well, technically it’s part of the Table Mountain MTB trail, but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore this path running around Table Mountain’s slopes on foot. Just watch out for speeding cyclists.

The benches scattered here and there make for great picnics, although many prefer to find a shaded spot on the grass under the trees somewhere. What’s great about this place is that it winds in between the trees, so you’ll always be able to find a secluded spot.

Now, the most important part.


  • Drive up past Woodlands Eatery in Deer Park Ave. (Woodlands on your right)
  • Continue on till you’re almost at the top
  • Turn right in Frank St
  • Turn left in what looks like the oncoming side of Deer Park Ave (it’s not though)
  • Drive through the booms and up to the parking lot

deer park-2

deer park-3

deer park-4

deer park-6

deer park-7

deer park-9

deer park-10


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