The Blend – food and coffee in the east city

In Cape Town, if you want to drink one of our local coffee brews, most of the time you have to go to that brew’s own shop to get it. Until now. The Blend, situated in Roeland Street, stocks a range of local coffees, like Tribe, Kupa and Deluxe. Either this lets you access your favourite brew more easily or you simply get the chance to try something new. Just ask Julie, the creator of The Blend, to give you a bit of advice.

They don’t just serve coffee though. Not in the least. You can come by for some great classic breakfast options. Most of these include coffee in the price, something which I really like. I also like the wide range of smaller breakfast options on the menu, like toast and jam, oats, all bran and muesli. So you don’t have to overindulge just because you’re eating breakfast out.

For lunch, there’s a whole range of great-looking gourmet sandwiches to choose from. The menu is divided by meat, making it easy for the vegetarians to find something nice.

The Blend has a warm look and feel. Although the shop is small on the inside, it’s comfortable and there seems to always be a table open somewhere in a corner. Odds and ends like Consol glass bottles, wooden boxes full of books and a window sill lined with little plants gives it character rather than over crowding the space.

An added bonus is that clients can make use of the unlimited free wifi.

So if you’re in the market for a new coffee joint, this might just well be it.

the blend-3

the blend-4

the blend-5

the blend-6

the blend-7

the blend-8

the blend-9

the blend

The Blend

79 Roeland Street
071 927 3031

Monday – Friday 07:00 – 16:00
Saturdays 08:00 – 14:00

Twitter @the_BlendCPT
Facebook page


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