Tales from Kruger | 02

Today my interest lies the monkeys of Kruger National Park. The monkeys and the baboons. First, the monkeys.

Vervet monkeys are a known ‘threat’ around the camps. They are probably the cutest monkeys I’ve ever seen, but they’re known for hanging around the camps and stealing food. I didn’t think this was such a serious threat, until I left my packet of sugar on the table outside and turned my back for about 10 seconds. A monkey came, grabbed and was gone, off to indulge in a sugary feast.

They do look pretty sitting on the fence at dawn though. This particular incident happened at Crocodile Bridge Rest Camp.

Vervet monkey on the fence of the camp

Vervet monkey on the fence of the camp

And second, that baboons.

As I was exploring a mountainous area in the south of the park, the Steilberg Loop, to be exact, I came across this family of baboons. First I saw these two, looking like someone just told a really funny joke and they’re cracking themselves up. Just a few metres further I saw a little family. It looks like that picture taken just before the well-posed, all-smiling family photo is taken, with some looking away and some still getting into position.

Baboon on S120. Steilberg Loop

Baboon on S120. Steilberg Loop

I’m currently on a six-week trip in the Kruger National Park, so excuse me if my blog revolves around animals for the next while. You can follow my journey on Twitter (@Adelgreen) or the hashtag #crossingkruger.


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