Market on Main – hanging with Joburg’s cool kids

Johannesburg is hipping up their city centre. Every Sunday, creative cool kids from all over flock to the heart of the city to eat artisan food, drink artisan coffee and beer and shop local design. Much like some of the Cape Town markets, like Hope Street Market, Earth Fair Market and the V&A Market at the Wharf. Yet, Market on Main has a much more grungy feel to it. Perhaps it’s the graffiti against the walls outside, perhaps it’s the fact that you’re inside Arts on Main, a warehouse type venue where local artists strut their stuff, or perhaps it’s the still winter smog that hung in the air. Either way, it’s a place worth checking out if you happen to find yourself in Joburg’s city centre on a Sunday morning.

The food is great, the jewellery beautiful, there’s a neat courtyard and a rooftop or two to enjoy a craft beer and a cigarette on and the tunes are indie, rocky and happy. All in all a happily creative atmosphere.

Market on Main happens every Sunday at Arts on Main from 10am – 3pm, and the first Thursday night of each month (besides January) from 7pm – 11pm in Fox Street. Get directions.


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