Open Design Cape Town: share all the design!

I know there’s a reason why I should attend more Pecha Kucha events in Cape Town, and this is probably it. At last night’s event, they announced the first Open Design Cape Town event. It’s going to take place from 21-31 August, all over Cape Town, and the overall theme and motivation is ‘Design is for Sharing’. These folks believe just that, that design is something to be shared openly with anyone and everyone that is interested and that it’s not reserved for an elite group of professionals.

So basically, any organisation that sees design as a part of what they do can take part. The event will cover everything from exhibitions, workshops, conferences, talks, films, pop-up shops, restaurants and parties at venues all over Cape Town. Some are official events, like launch and after parties and others are events created by Cape Town’s creative community.

It’s simple. You go onto the website, have a look around and add your event. Then the panel has a look and helps you so that it contributes to the ‘Design is for Sharing’ concept. You’ll see on the homepage that the different events in each category become more and more as time goes by.

I think this is an awesome idea, and even though I’m not a designer myself, I’m very excited to attend as many of these events as I can fit into those 10 days.

open design cape town

Open Design Cape Town

21-31 August 2013
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