Awesome local find – Durban’s Haunted House

When visiting a place for the first time, it’s always nice to get some local recommendations. But I have never had a recommendation this awesome before. I was on a trip to Umhlanga when a local lady in the form of Mzansigirl showed me to the haunted house. The nature of this place is so ‘local’, that I can’t find it on Google and I can’t remember how to get there.

This massive house was built on the beach and abandoned decades ago. There’s nothing left but an empty shell of a building with sea sand washed onto the floors. Over the years, teenagers and young people have come here to hang out and gradually, all the walls have become covered in graffiti. There is not an inch of bricks left bare.

I joined in Instawalk to capture this epic site at sunset.

How to get there: If you can find Beach Bums in Durban, then you just have to walk onto the grassy area next to it and you’ll see the haunted house. That’s as far as my directions go.

haunted house-2

haunted house-3

haunted house-4

haunted house-5

haunted house-6

haunted house-8


This was the best start I could wish for on my first visit to Umhlanga, and for that matter, KwaZulu-Natal’s coast. It’s a great place, especially when Cape Town can’t shake off her wettest winter in a long, long time.

Visit Umhlanga without breaking the bank, easily. Just have a look here: Umhlanga – vibrant and affordable


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