Free wifi in the Company’s Gardens

Now here’s something exciting. The City of Cape Town has announced that they are implementing free wifi in the Company’s Gardens. Bringing the historic treasure up to speed with modern times, or something like that. The project is run in conjunction with Cape Town Partnership, Iziko Museums and Connected Space (wifi service providers) and you can read the full press release here.

This is the pilot project in which will hopefully be a larger plan to bring free wifi to other parts of Cape Town’s CBD as well. It also goes hand-in-hand with another nifty project in the gardens – one of tree-labelling. Some of the ancient and historical trees in the Company’s Gardens will receive labels and QR codes that you can scan on your smartphone to learn more about the tree in question.

The wifi will cover the Company Gardens restaurant as well as the area outside of the aviary and you’ll get 100mb free per day.

Now we have wifi in public spaces, we have an awesome bus system and trees that are connected to the internet. It seems like Cape Town is just getting better and better. Dig it.


Images courtesy of Richard Mortel and Robert Cutts.


So much church, so pretty

Even if you’re not a religious or church-going person, it’s hard to ignore all the intricately detailed and beautiful churches spread out across Cape Town‘s city centre. Like this one, for example. It’s the methodist church on Greenmarket Square and, although it serves as a convenient meeting place on the square, it’s also rather beautiful to look at. It’s a little difficult getting a clear view of the entire church, what with all the stalls, shoppers and coffee-drinkers around, but if you stand right in front of the front doors and you look up, the view is quite something too.

greenmarket square church

Sunrise from the Metrorail

With petrol prices absolutely sky-rocketing (and rocketing higher still into the universe) I have decided to start taking the train to work. And it’s been great so far, considering that today is day two of this new mission. Riding in cars also get on my nerves and walking from the station to work allows for a bit of excercise. All in all a few not-so-bad reasons to explore our country’s very old (and sometimes frowned upon) public transport system.

Now it may not be the safest of options for a girl travelling alone, but I’m hoping that constant vigilance will protect me. Phones and ipods shouldn’t be flaunted either.

So on my second day of Metrorail travels, I captured the sunrise through the window. Beaut.

train sunrise

Photo: The pro’s of winter in Cape Town

For some reason, people think that winter in Cape Town is a devilish affair. They complain, they sit cooped up in their houses, they refuse to go out (even to a cosy restaurant), and then they complain some more. But when you look at these two pictures, you have to admit that there are a few awesome things about Cape Town’s winter. Just look at what the clouds and the mist do on a chilly morning and an overcast afternoon. You won’t see this in summer.

cape town

cape town

Open Design Cape Town: share all the design!

I know there’s a reason why I should attend more Pecha Kucha events in Cape Town, and this is probably it. At last night’s event, they announced the first Open Design Cape Town event. It’s going to take place from 21-31 August, all over Cape Town, and the overall theme and motivation is ‘Design is for Sharing’. These folks believe just that, that design is something to be shared openly with anyone and everyone that is interested and that it’s not reserved for an elite group of professionals.

So basically, any organisation that sees design as a part of what they do can take part. The event will cover everything from exhibitions, workshops, conferences, talks, films, pop-up shops, restaurants and parties at venues all over Cape Town. Some are official events, like launch and after parties and others are events created by Cape Town’s creative community.

It’s simple. You go onto the website, have a look around and add your event. Then the panel has a look and helps you so that it contributes to the ‘Design is for Sharing’ concept. You’ll see on the homepage that the different events in each category become more and more as time goes by.

I think this is an awesome idea, and even though I’m not a designer myself, I’m very excited to attend as many of these events as I can fit into those 10 days.

open design cape town

Open Design Cape Town

21-31 August 2013
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Peeping mountains | 18

Bree Street, Long Street and Loop Street. These three, particularly lengthy streets in the CBD run parallel with each other and each has its own unique character. Now something that’s particularly nice about these streets is that there are all these tiny little side streets connecting the three. Looking up one or two of them shows a part of Signal Hill peeping through.

signal hill